Abandoned Oyo StateVetenary Clinic, Need For Intropsection  By Badmos Adesola


A veterinary clinic indicates that the establishment has the necessary facilities for the examination and treatment of animals for 24 hour surveillance, a place to study diseases plaguing domestic animals by direct examinations.

Veterinary clinics are places intended for use to prevent or cure disease in animals. They support both the healthy and welfare of both food-producing animals and domestic pets.It has been confirmed that Oyo State does not have a functioning veterinary hospital.

Supposing the vertinary clinic in Oyo State is in a working condition, there are so many benefits that the clinic could have provided for the people.

Veterinary clinic can provide some significant benefits to our society as listed below:

*👉Health and welfare*: veterinary medicines are valuable tools for veterinarians, farmers and pet
owners to ensure that animals are and remain healthy. They help to reduce health suffering in animals and, therefore, support their welfare. Animals need medicines too as well as food safety for the general public.

*👉 Public Health*: veterinary medicines
also have positive impact on food safety and on people’s health. They support the
provision of safe animal products – milk, meat and eggs – and protect the public from harmful food- pathogens  and also from diseases that are transmissible from animals to people (called ‘zoonoses’) such as rabies.

*👉Competitiveness*: Veterinary clinic would have  support veterinarians and the farming community by providing them with tools to keep animals healthy and ensure their welfare.

Good health, in turn, has positive impact on both the productivity and the efficiency of farming.

*👉IGR*:-Vet clinic will surely improve the IGR of the state government.

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*👉Employment*:-No doubt the existence of the vet. Clinic will create jobs for those who study vet. Medicine.

Veterinary Clinic across the State has been long abandoned for almost 18years. It leaves a bad feeling whenever I visited some of the clinic. It is a waste of resources by our dear government.

I implore His Excellency Engr. Seyi Makinde to do something meaningful with the abandon building.

Thank you.
*Idagbasoke Ipinle Oyo Jewaa Loogun*
*©Badmos Adesola.*


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