Governor Makinde Should Stop Embarrassing The state. By Afeez Repete


Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important, little wonder we always spend a lot of time without positive achievements commensurate with the time spent.

For some moments now, the internet and newspapers have been awash with issues surrounding the Oyo state government and her foul cry on vehicles used by officials of the immediate past administration. Without equivocation, I know the good people of Oyo state are intelligent and know how to analyze situations logically, hence, they cannot be hoodwinked by the incessant misinformation and half-truths being peddled by the incumbent administration and its apologists.

Since the inception of this administration, a lot of propaganda has been launched just to discredit the administration of the immediate past Governor, Sen. Abiola Ajimobi, one of the prominent propaganda being that officials of the past administration carted away vehicles belonging to Oyo State Government, instead of handing them over to the new administration. For the sake of clarity, the Governor, on several occasions, have alleged that:

1. Some officials took cars belonging to the government away after the expiration of the last administration.

2. 14 of the vehicles have been recovered through trackers, some from the mechanic workshops, some on an unnamed road and through some given addresses.

3. The career officers put a call through to those who absconded with official vehicles.

Reacting to the foregoing claims, it is my strong belief that no Government official can be allocated a vehicle or vehicles without proper documentation by the Career officers who have been severally mentioned by GSM in his publication to be putting calls through to the said officials, thus, every government vehicle has proper documentation and specific officials that used them.

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Also, instead of constantly engaging in media trials, can’t the governor order the release of the names of such officials, and perhaps get it published, or use the executive order to arrest them? Or is our Governor now a toothless bulldog?

Even if it’s a truism that some cars have been retrieved according to the Governor, does the government not have a working press center that could take live pictures and videos of the vehicles at the point of retrieval to show the good people of Oyo state instead of resorting to cheap blackmail by circulating a picture downloaded from Google to discredit and blackmail innocent officials that gave their all to the service of their beloved state?

In addition to the foregoing, If truly the Governor retrieved the said vehicle, why was the plate number covered if they truly did not download the picture from the internet? It is imperative for the Governor to get his blueprint together and start implementing solid manifestos that would positively affect the lives of the good people of Oyo state economically, security-wise, health and also youth / human capital development, instead of running after his own shadows.

I want to believe the allegations made against the government to have employed men of the Auxiliary faction of the NURTW as agents of doom to threaten people’s lives is just a rumor but if it is true, then I will like to remind Mr. Governor that the peace we are enjoying today in the state was severely fought for by a visionary leader, your predecessor(Gov. Abiola Ajimobi) so, don’t sell it sheepishly because of ignorance.

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However, running the government is not the same as running personal business ventures. It is not a misnomer if my Governor put together more intelligent heads who could give him good ideas on how to effectively manage the system which will be devoid of personal vendetta, lies, propaganda, and deceit. After all, no man is an island of knowledge

I will advise my Governor to desist from his incessant and misguided hues and cries, and work with the principles of setting priorities which state that: (a) you must know the difference between what is urgent and what is important, and (b) you must do what’s important first

Hon. Afeez Bolaji Repete
Deputy National Youth Leader
All Progressives Congress



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