APC Chieftain Harps On Nation Building

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By Tunde Bamigbade

  A notable chieftain of the All Progressive Congress(APC) Mr Raheem Olabiyi,has harped on nation building.
  Olabiyi made the call while speaking with National Insight. He said if Nigeria,was to make appreciable progress in every sector of the economy,there must be cooperation ,understanding,and unity among the various ethnic-groups in the country.
  America became a great nation today due to the founding fathers ideology.For us as a nation we Nigerian’s must have the same goal,ideology,and straight forwardness,that will propel us to achieve our goals and build a modern nation that will be envy of all especially in Africa.
 The present administration of president Muhammadu Buhari,has already laid the foundation for us to follow in his next level agenda,has he is set to pick brilliant-minds to help run his government for the next 4years.
  So Nigerian’s should join the president in this move so that Nigeria,can return to the path of greatness again and have a budding and viable economy,that stand side-by-side,with developed countries of the world.
  This is not the time for criticism,but time to join hands together with our leaders,so as to move the country forward. Constructive criticism is welcome,because this government will like such he said.
Am sure the president is a man of his word,and he his ready to fulfill is electoral promises to the people.
  Nigerians should have a different political,and social mind-set this time around as everyone should get involved in the building of our nation.
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