Promoting Yoruba Culture and Tradition Makes Me Happy – Abiola Cocker


Mr Ogunlowo Abiola-Cocker is a man of many parts, a cultural promoter, travel and tour operator and an expert in security services. He is based in Brazil but his businesses especially cultural promotion takes him to other part of the world, in this interview with Remi Oladoye he spoke on many issues including the need for governments, and stakeholders to promote yoruba culture. Excerpt;

Can we have an insight into your background

Thank you , I was born into the Family of Mr And Mrs Muili and Mojisola Ogunlowo , My Mother is from Ogbomosho while my father is from Ede Osun State., Happily married and blessed with 3 Boys,I resides in South America Brazil to be precise but I spent most of my time traveling around the globe. I am a Traveling agent and immigration Consultant,a Cultural promoter and event management. One of the project I have at hand that has been suspended due to the out break of the Pandemic (covid-19) is to engage and unit the Yoruba’s world wide especially in South America countries and African descendants ,many tourism project as at now. I have upcoming event in Brazil, Ecuador , Argentina Cuba , United State most important the Karele Oodua which will be coming up in August by God Grace after the authority in charge has given us free movement worldwide

You are into cultural promotion travel and tour operator, event management ans security services, which one is you real choice and what prompted interest in others ?

Yes i am into Travel and with Cultural promotion which has been my line and choice since almost 17 Years now but I have to go into Security and Tour guide because of the Foreigner / tourist to ensure they are safe when visiting

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You are an established cultural promoter in Brazil and other countries, how did the Yoruba decendant in brazil handles culture and tradition

Thanks for this question, yoruba descendant in Brazil and other part of the world handle our culture more than we living on the soil of Oodua, it will amaze you when you visit to see them practicing or even doing things we almost forgotten back home

Why are u passionate about promoting yoruba culture and tradition

Firstly , I cherished my culture and Heritage so much ,because am a Cultured man and it make me discover many foreign citizen that embrace our culture without racial discrimination

And how did it affect your life

Cultural promotion is a bit related to tourism and is a good business that even generate fund to the economy of the nation as well

Will you subscribe to the claims that Yoruba culture is fading away and if yes how do you think it can be revived

Yes, I will agree to that and at same time I will say that’s in the past. We are now waking up to the task now , because we have many social organisation that have to do with promoting Yoruba culture , like the OPU which is now in 87 countries worldwide, which am the Coordinator for South America continent, am a promoter of culture and representative to State of Osun,Karele Oodua Traditional Religion immersion Pilgrimage for the South America continent as well. Ekiti state as rise up to the challenges as well with Many organisation I can’t continue to mentioned, we have been engaging our people on the need to embrace our cultural heritage . I think we have been improving in this regard, which I believe this is what we need to do for the sake of our Tradition and Cultural Heritage

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What is you advise for the stakeholders on Yoruba culture and tradition what are the measure that should be in place to prevent further declining

To prevent further declining all stakeholder should wake up to the task at the moment , they should make sure they engage and do programmes within our society for the upcoming generation ,like educating the young once on mode of dressing , adage and to make them embracing our Tradition and cultural Heritage

In what way do you think COVID 19 is affecting travel and tourism Industry

Its really affect the tourism industry because many programs have been posponed or cancelled, tourist are not able t

move to visit or go for tourism and even event that has to do with Cultural Heritage. is affected both at home and abroad. We have the Brazilian waiting for a Cultural and the afroecuadorians who wish to visit Nigeria for tourism to trace their route

What do you think Govt can do to enhance promotion of culture

What i think the government should do is to compulsory the use of our language in sour west schools and finance/sponsor the ministry of Culture in each state to engage our people bout home and abroad by arranging event and make sure they come down to visit the Yoruba States from abroad and make sure they feel comfortable. With these you will see a great turn and changes within little time


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