Mega Party is A Liberal Platform, Credible Alternative To APC,PDP – Mukaila Olabiyi

Alhaji Olabiyi Mukaila ,South West Chairman, Mega Party

The Mega Party of Nigeria  on Wednesday  said the situation of the country has proved to all Nigerians that both the major parties including the APC and the PDP in the last twenty years have proved that they lack the capacity to take the country out of its pitiable conditions.


Asides claiming to be the credible alternatives the party also  called on Nigerians looking for a liberal platforms to play politics to embrace the Mega Party, assuring that the story of the party would be like that of how a mosquito killed an elephant in the 2023 election.


The party spoke through its Acting Southwest Chairman, Alhaji  Olabiyi Mukaila and the Ondo state chairman, Mr Moroye Biyi during an interactive session of the Southwest leaders including chairmen and secretaries of Oyo, Osun, Ondo, Ogun, Ekiti and Lagos states at the Southwest Party Secretariat, Old Ife, Road, Ibadan.


Mukaila said “As regards the state of affairs in the country at the moment, we believed when Mega Party eventually take over the governance of this nation, there will be several changes.


“We understand these things very long ago, like Chinua Achebe wrote in one of his books, “No longer at ease”, everybody young and old now understand that it is no longer at ease in this country.


“But we believe they are trying to the best of their abilities, they couldn’t have performed better than they are currently doing it. But you will see better hands, when eventually God brings us to the governance of the nation come 2023.

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“They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. And with our confidence, we believe that we will put in the best of our ability and miracle will happen come 2023 when you will discover that an elephant can be defeated by a mosquito.


“The issues regarding the state of affairs in the country is indicative that the government is trying to the best of their abilities and to the extent to which they understand the job at hand and they couldn’t have performed better.”


Earlier in his remarks, Ondo state chairman, Mr Moroye Biyi said the Mega Party is working ahead of restoring party political structures where party manifestos and principles degree Ines the direction to which governance move as inherited from the likes of Chief Obafemi Awolowo,


He said “You will agree with us today that in Nigeria, there is nothing like party politics, what we are having is personality politics. It is the desire of Mega Party to return political structures of Nigeria back to political party politics where party manifestos will be adhere to, where party principles will be preached and abided by by others.


“That was not what we inherited from the likes of Chief Obafemi Awolowo. The manifestos and the principle of a party has to be respected across. It’s not like the President will be doing something differently and the state will be doing something else, and that is what Mega Party will be bring on board in Nigeria, as we come on board.

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“Of course, you will agree with us that the best we can do for our nation today is to encourage agriculture and not peasant farming like we have it. Once hunger is off the land, you can be rest assured that there will be peace and satisfaction everywhere and that is the essence of this interactive session.



“You may say that we do not have the kind of name as it is, of course, you will agree with me that it used to be PDP but today we have APC and now people have tested PDP and APC, they have agreed that they have not gotten to the promised land that they are going.


“We want people to know that a party is coming on board. In this party, there is nothing like domineering tendencies. Anybody that join the party today shares the same right with every member of the party. We want to use the opportunity of this medium to encourage those who need a liberal platform to play politics to come and join Mega Party.”


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