Increase in Drop Out from Public Schools in Oyo is Alarming, Says Olaiya, Accord Guber Aspirant


A gubernatorial hopeful in Oyo state  Abideen Olaitan  Olaiya has attributed introduction of levy by the state government for  students  in Public schools  as one of the factor responsible for increasing rate  of drop outs from schools in the state.

Olaiya an associate professor  who  is seeking to be governor of Oyo state under Accord party  lamented the state of education in the state and  assured that  if he becomes the governor In the state he will make the education free and compulsory up to the basic level.

He noted that ” An average student going to public schools in Oyo state they are paying nothing less than N6000 in a session, the government charges 3000 and  the schools  management also add money  for development and other things  and as low as that N6000 there were many  drop out because  they cannot afford it”

“The same things with the state of infrastructural facilities for schools, just last month I was at my Alma matter Olubi memorial Grammar school it is the old students that went to floor the schools  it was  dusty, there were classrooms  with  no ceilings ,  and  leaking roof, but they are showing another thing in the media , they show model of schools  on the internet for people school .”

“ In our school days  children attends public schools and make good results today they are not making good results what Oyo state is banking  upon is the effort of some of us who established private schools, so when you see Oyo state making good  result from WAEC or NECO go and check very well most of them are result of private schools that were made in abundance in the state”

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it is unfortunate that majority of people who are making it difficult for people to be educated are products of free education, schorlaship and sponsorships even to study abroad.

“If I am the governor I am going to ensure free compulsory and education up to the basic level, that is what I also enjoyed in my school days during Bola Ige regime , if I cannot give  more that  that  It will not be less than that if I  become the governor.”

Speaking  on his plan for Agriculture, the varsity don  said Agriculture  is the foundation of development, it is not about food alone it is about development  no nation developed beyond Agricultural  status , the first security that will come to a nation is food security, it is when those nation  are fully secured in food because they diverted into o0ther things

“I am going to do agricultural Revolution, I am going to revolutionalise agriculture in which everybody in the business  will be proud to be a farmer”

“We have always been doing things the same way and we are looking for different results and I have always come to realized that we can never get a desired result unless we do it the other way round.”


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