I Will Probe All Past Governors of Oyo State Including My Father When I Become Governor in 2019- Kemi Olunloyo

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Prominent International Journalist, pharmacist and social media personality Kemi Olunloyo has said past governors of Oyo State  including her father Dr Omololu Olunloyo will be given a 60 day amnesty period and made to refund any money allegedly missing from the coffers of the state government if she become the next governor of the state.

‘I will start right from the period of Governor Jemibewon up to the present admnistration under the leadership OF Senator Abiola Ajimobi, their commissioners and advisers will not be spared too ‘ she said .

Kemi 53-year- old CEO AND NEWS DIRECTOR of #HNNAFRICA who is aspiring to be the first female governor of the state in an interview with National Insight said ‘as a governor I have access to their files but I will give them sixty days amnesty to return all the allegedly looted money in their custody even the family of the late governors will get letters if found culpable .

‘Agodi prison will be opened for many people especially those who have ripped off the state of funds meant for the people, infrastructural and social development.

‘I know through that step, billions of Naira will be raised and the recovered money will be ploughed back into the system to fix roads, water , education and other problems facing the people.

‘Immediately after after the swearing in at Liberty stadium I will sign an executive order that will influence many things things about the way the system is being being run’.

Kemi who is planning to contest as an independent candidate or a mushroom party said she doesn’t need any Godfather or political group to win an election, ‘ I am not going to build on my father’s popularity, people will vote for me, my fans are all over the world with support financially through online fundraisers and I am sure of winning the election’ she said.

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‘My government will be for the people by the people, an American constitution theme, they will have access to the government house , they will be allowed in every weekend even with their placards and protest letters, I will be attending to them personally.

Kemi Olunloyo also decried the spate of thuggery and hooliganism in the state and said as a governor she will initiate programs that will positively affect the youths, improve education standards, encourage the youths to be fully engaged and have job security

‘ She added that her administration will use the natural potentials in the state for economic development and provides jobs for the graduates unemployed youths in the state .

‘ I won’t allow capital flight projects, no foreign contractors will be given jobs, all jobs that will require foreign expertise will be done by Indigenes of Oyo state abroad and indigenous contractors and there will be transparency and proper monitoring of projects awarded.’

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