COVID-19: ASUU-UI produces 3,000 Treated Face Masks for Members, ASUU Govt. Not Doing Enough to Protect Frontline Workers



University of Ibadan Chapter of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) on Sunday says it has produced 3,000 reusable facemasks for distribution to her members to protect them from COVID-19 infection in the Premier University.

The Union stated that it was important that her members have access to face masks that is produced following international standards.

ASUU UI had about a month ago produced hand sanitizers which it distributed to frontline workers in the fight against COVID-19 in Oyo State.

The ASUU Chairman Professor Ayo Akinwole who was flanked by Dr Dapo Okareh (Chairman of the ASUU-UI Treated Cotton face Masks) and Dr Sola Omoregie (Secretary of ASUU, UI) disclosed that the ASUU-UI treated cotton face masks would ensure that her members are protected from infection when they use the masks and observe physical distancing among other preventive advisory while in the public space.

Professor Ayo Akinwole, who noted that a number of ASUU members have been playing major roles in the fight against COVID-19 nationwide however lamented that government is not doing enough to protect frontline health workers from being infected.

As a Union of Intellectuals, the ASUU boss noted that the Union cannot allow her members to purchase and use masks freely sold on the streets of which majority failed to follow international standards of producing face masks.

The Chairman of the ASUU-UI Treated Cotton Face Masks Production Committee, Dr Dapo Okareh who stated that the committee utilised cotton fabric, absorbent, cellofilter, organofilter, liner, pearls and other materials noted that the produced face masks is already treated and has laid down procedure for treating it after use.

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Dr Okareh who noted that it was better to use face masks than a ventilator also urged academic staff to adhere strictly to advisory and use the produced face masks to prevent them from being infected.
According to him, it took the committee about 17 days from conception, design to have the final products using the expertise within the Union.

“About a month ago we produced handsanitisers for frontline workers which include our members who are in various committees fighting COVID-19 nationwide. We are challenged that facemasks are becoming expensive and different types of local face masks which have not followed international standards are seen on the streets being sold to people. This is why we have decided to produce this using our expertise and following international procedure and we shall distribute them to our members who live in various communities to protect them and prevent them from community transmission of COVID-19 when they are in the public. We urge government to do more to protect frontline workers because government is not doing enough at the moment.”


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