Civil servants to refund over N100M for missing materials at water corporation

oyo state to use solid minerals to generate revenue
oyo state

Civil servants indicted of looting meters and pipes from the stores of Oyo state Water corporations are to refund to the tune of N120 Millions to the cover of the state government.

Investigation reveals that some workers including the store manager and marketers were alleged of looting some materials belonging to the departments

The development has led to suspension of some of the staffs

It was learnt that a probe was set up by the government to look into serious of allegation of fraud that has been leveled against some workers of the parastatal and after interrogation some thought provoking revelations were made.

Further check also reveals that some of the pipes that were kept in the store since the time of Bola Ige admnistration and the subsequent government were either been  sold without proper documentation or stolen

An anonymous source who informed our reporter of the development  also said some of the indicted staffs have pleaded not guilty and also asked the probe panel to extend their investigation  to some senior staffs including the ones that have been transferred into another ministry.

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