5 Things you don’t know about Sunday Igboho

Chief Adeniyi Sunday Adeyemo popularly known as Sunday Igboho is an Ibadan based socialite with international connection, his influence in the social circle and entertainment industry cannot be undermine, when Igboho sneezes many people catch cold because the fear of Igboho when it comes to struggles and defending what he believes in is the beginning of wisdom.
Today 10th October, the international businessman added another year and his birthday was celebrated online by friends fans and family with lovely messages and post on his social media walls and text messages on his phone
Some of the musicians who has drank from his milk of kindness also celebrated him with special songs and chants.
Here are five things you need to know about Igboho oosa.
He was born in 1972  in Igboho and trained as a motorcycle mechanic
He rose to fame through dint of hardwork and determination to succeed in life, though people who are not closer to him  mistake his identity but truelly ,Chief Sunday is an international businessman and he doesn’t joke with his auto and property businesses.
He is auto freak.. When it comes to cars, Sunday Igboho is a man of taste has a lot of cars in his fleet as at today mover than 10 brand new cars including Range Rover Sport, BMW And many others are parked in his cars and his utility cars are cars  cannot be wished away those whose who valued good cars
He is one of the most widely travelled Nigerians. Sunday Igboho travels a lot ,though he has some of his family members abroad and he travelled at least twice in a month ,he has won several travel award and gets a lot of reward from some airline operators. He is one of the most valuable customers of Air France . flight has been delayed because of him for many times
Chief Sunday Igboho is a proud father of three   professional footballers they are already playing for  diffrent team in Germany.
The kindhearted ibadan based socialite Is not only influential but also connected to people in high places.


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