Shiites Annonces Suspension of Free Zakzaky’ Protests


The Islamic Movement in Nigeria has announced the temporary suspension of ‘Free Zakzaky’ protests staged by members of the movement to seek the release of their leader, Shiek Ibraheem El-Zakzaky, and his wife from continued detention.

In a statement  issued on Wednesday  and signed by Ibrahim Musa, President, Media Forum of the IMN,  the group said they suspension the protests so that the “court case instituted by our lawyers on the proscription order made by the federal government this week can take its full course.”

Musa said the step was taken in good faith and with the hope that a genuine and amicable way could be found to solve the crises surrounding the illegal detention of the Shiite leader for almost four years.

He said, “If at all any protest occur anywhere in the country, it might be this notice hasn’t reached those involved or they misunderstood the notice or it is some security agents that are behind it, who we know have been doing all they can to smear our image as victims of savage oppression since 2015.

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