My cultural revolution project in the diaspora is yielding- Omoloju

Festus Adewale, Omoloju

One of the thing that distinguish African culture and tradition  from other tribe in the world is the uniqueness of its culture and tradition, apart from the fact that it has a culture that promote peace  and respect, Yoruba language and culture has also been described by various scholar as the best in the world.


But in spite of its vantage position as a globally acknowledge best tribe, the glory is gradually fading away based on the unabated influence of westernization and globalization and others, This made some scholars to also posit that in few decades, the language may not be as strong and effective instrument of communication as it use to be because most people prefer vernacular to their own language


In other to evade the unholy prescription, Africans have a lot to learn from other region, especially Qatar, in terms of preservation of culture and the efforts to ensure that traditions are passed on from generation to generation.


Efforts to ensure Yoruba culture and  tradition  did not fade away is on, notable custodians of culture and tradition are working  day and night to prevent it in their lifetime and bequeath  the legacy to the coming generations , the likes of Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi, Otunba Gani Adams, National Leader of Oodua Peoples Congress OPC, Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Eniitan Ogunwusi, Professor Wande Abimbola  and many other great icon are not relenting in ensuring Yoruba culture and tradition regain and retain its prominence in the world
Festus Adewale Alonge, the CEO of Omoloju Productions is one of the chief custodians; a young dynamic and highly cultured personality is also in the league of those championing the cultural rejuvenation and promotion in the diaspora.  He believes that the culture and traditions of any group of people are unique to them and it is what defines them.

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“Unfortunately, many customs have been lost in a bid to modernise. Westernisation has also stopped people from realizing the importance of their heritage, it burns my heart each time I come across some of our people and I speak the native language to them and they keep looking at me as if I’m an alien this shouldn’t be”. He said.

The Nigerian entertainer and MC, who also operates an online radio (My Sweet FM) which is dedicated to the promotion of the culture of his tribe – the Yoruba people, added that the pain of seeing so many people, especially children, who are unable to speak their native language was one of the reasons that spurred him into taking up what he is doing at the moment.

The media personality added that he is passionate about promoting the rich Yoruba culture in every way possible, particularly through the various media now available and he is ready to give his all to achieve this

“Though I reside in Qatar, I’ve travelled the world. Hardly will you find a place in the world where you won’t see Africans and especially Nigerians.

On the challenges, Omoloju said ,”I tend to put the blame on parents who allow their own cultural values, especially the language, to erode and he suggest that parents should endeavour to teach their children their native language right from childhood, being conversant with one’s native language does not in any way interfere with modern exposure.

When comparing Arabs with Yoruba , Alonge  said   “I’m highly impressed with the way the Gulf region, especially Qatar, has managed to retain its identity and uniqueness, despite the mixture of cultures as a result of human migration into the region,the people of this region have managed to rise above these challenges and I sincerely admire what they’ve done and how they were able to do it,”

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Speaking about his activities and the feedback on the cultural revolution project, Alonge said that the response has been overwhelming.

“Through some of our activities people are now learning the importance of returning to their roots.

Our online radio, which broadcasts almost daily, has really gone viral.

I get calls almost on daily basis especially from Europe and North America, as well as Asia, thanking us for the good job being done and informing us on how the programmes have changed people’s views.” On how the journey into media s t a r t e d , the softs p o k e n b r o a d – caster said that he has always admired TV and radio personalities while growing up and it was always his dream to pursue that as a career.





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