JUMAT: 5 Things A Good Muslim Must Do Every Friday

what muslim must do on friday

by Kehinde Ayanboade

Jumat service is a weekly congregation observed by followers of the Islamic religion every Friday. According to the Islamic doctrine, Jumat is a special ceremony where Muslims come out en-masse to worship Allah, the most supreme. their are some rites a good and righteous Muslim must endeavour on that day. Below are 5 of them.


1. Cut all Hairs. A good Muslim must on Friday cut all hairs at his/her private part, Allah cherish any believers who worship him in a clean and saint way.

2. Observe Jannabbah Bath (After – Sex Bath). A good Muslim must also perform ghuslu – jannabbah literally meaning the After Sex bath. It is even mandatory for someone to perform this bath before any solat prayer. it is not compulsory someone observe the bath after sex alone. someone might ejaculate while asleep, or accidentally.


3. Recite Suratul Khaf. Allah loves anyone who recites Suratul Khaf every friday. Islamic scholars claims that reading this beautiful quranic chapter aids the passage of prayers.


4. Be full of supplication. A good muslim should indulge in recitation of athkar, literally known as supplication. reading the Kurisiyy, Mahuzatain, Suratul Yaasin and other verses are really helpful. they are citadel of the believers.


5. Avoid Vulgar and Abusive Words. A good Muslim must avoid the usage of vulgar words, not only on Jumat day but everyday of his/her lifetime. relate with people with a very good behaviour, lower your gaze, avoid lying and cursing people. Hadith of the Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W) revealed that if there should be any other day that can be regard as Islamic festival aside Eid – Kabir or Eid – Fitri, It would be every Jumat service. Go to Mosque early, listen to the Imam’s sermon, Observe your Jumat Prayer, and enjoy the blessings of Allah. HAPPY JUMAT!!

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