Why I’m Committed to Fight Poverty in Ekiti- Bamidele

opeyemi Bamidele
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An Ekiti State governorship aspirant, under the banner  of the All Progressives Congress( APC), Hon. Michael Opeyemi Bamidele, has asserted that he was incurably passionate about combating poverty in the state because he was raised and nurtured with it.

He said it is only someone like him, with genuine, humble beginning in life, that can appreciate the plights of the common people of the State.

Bamidele, who recently went on a consultation tour of the 16 local governments of the state, told party faithful, that his parents were both from the state and are people of limited means.

The former federal parliamentarian added that he has achieved for himself through the dint of hard work and he is only contesting to give back to the society that made him.

Ekiti people, according to the former member of the House of Representatives deserve a governor and not Emperor.

He also told his party members in the whole 16 local Government that he will be in the best position to know their challenges, anxieties and aspirations .

He said this is because he can identify with their pains and knows where the shoe pinches.

”I know you, my people. I know your pains, you my father and mothers. I shall be there for you when you need me, if you vote me in, as your

On the kind of leader the state needs at the moment, Bamidele enthused that the state needs a compassionate leader, who will realise his position in the scheme of things.

”We need a Governor that will realise that he is not an Emperor and that he was elected, not through a coup.

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”He is not a traditional ruler, that will be on the throne for life, he has to shape his actions, vision and mission in tandem with that of the people”.

The former Lagos State Commissioner of Information and Strategy, regaled his supporters with a story, that depicted his rough beginning and which  brought tears to the eyes of his party faithful at all times.

In retrospection, he recounted a time when he and his elder brother , were admitted to higher institutions at the same time.

According to him, this was a situation that was supposed to bring joy to the household, but instead, brought tears and sorrow to his family.

”When I was admitted into the then University of Ife, my family and I were overjoyed. My elder brother, also got admitted to the Polytechnic, Ibadan,  two days later.

”We both ran around and danced for joy and showed our admission letters to our mother, who was not lettered. She was full of joy and advised that we wait till our father comes back, from a trip over the weekend, so that can we inform him.

”When our father came back from his trip, we told him the good news and he showed reluctant appreciation.

”However, he called my brother and I, in the presence of our mother and told us that, though he is happy for us and he felt proud for the two of us, the reality of the matter was that, he cannot afford to sponsor both of us, at the same time.

”He instructed my brother and I, to sort things out among ourselves and decide who will go for further studies, while the other look for a job to do, for the time being.

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”We were deflated, but  my brother told me that since I was admitted
into a University, which was then considered to be more advanced ,
that I should be the one to proceed, while he deferred his own

”My brother was crying while saying this, while my mother was also crying. My father was shedding tears and was beside himself with grief, as I was also crying.

”This occasion made an indelible mark in my mind and soul and this unforgettable event has provoked a covenant, which I made with God and now, you my people, that if I am elected the governor of Ekiti State, no family whatsoever, will have to make that kind of painful decision out of an otherwise, joyful experience”.

”It has also reinforced my resolve that,  never to neglect my people or ever allow then to wallow in poverty, if I am ever in position to help”. explained the former Student leader.

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