Government Can Generate Revenue to Finance Annual Budget Through Trado-medicine- Ayeni


Dr. Akintude Ayeni, president YemKem International has said that Nigeria can generate enough funds to finance budgets through traditional medicine

Ayeni while speaking at a lecture entitled Nature and Human Health at the United Nation Gastronomy day Organized by NUJ Iyanganku Ibadan decries the neglignece of traditional medicines by the government.”

He said Nigerian government should take a cue from the chinese government by investing in research, production and marketing of locally made medicine

Dr Ayeni maintained that Nigeria like many other african country are endowed with a lot of potential that can be used as an alternative medicine to cure ailment and heal people

” The importance of traditional healers and remedies made from indiginous plants play a crucial role in health of millions for quite some time now .Because of this healers prove to be a large and influential group in primary healty care and integral part of the African culture and are required for the health of its people.”

He however recommends the need to properly integrate and blend African medicine on authrodox because such reinforcement will be of immeasurable advantage to the sick and humanity in general”

Ayeni also called on the government to establish the neccessary institution and financial support to promote the potential tole of herbal medicine in primary health care delivery .” priority should be given to the development of herbal medicines.

The trado medical specialist also recommend that the Federal government should establish a regulatory body for the practice of traditional medicine in Nigeria

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