Eyewitnesses, guard speaks on Pete’s bar Incident, absolves club owner of Killing Kehinde Adeleke in Ibadan

Kehinde Adeleke life less body

Eye witnesses and security at Pete’s bar Trans Amusement Park and Wonderland, Ibadan who witnessed the incident that  led to the demise of Kehinde Adeleke  have revealed the genesis of the crisis.

In their accounts they absolved the club owner Seyi, popularly known as (Fatherluski ) of the allegation of murder leveled against him by Taiwo Adeleke, the twin brother of the deceased.

It would be recalled that on Monday 26th February Kehinde  Adeleke was shot   and his twin brother alleged that  it was the owner of the bar Mr Seyi that took a gun from  one of the Millitary officer Operation burst team and shot his twin brother.

But  Oyo state government while announcing the closure of the bar said  Kehinde died from bullet wound that was accidentally discharged  by one of the military men attached to operation burst,a security outfit put in place by Oyo state government to checkmate insecurity in the state.

Kehinde who was described as a gentle and peace loving guy could not survive the gun wound and died after  he was hit by the bullet  despite the effort of his twin brother and some of the people around to save his live.

The deceased was buried on Thursday 1st march 2018, but fatherluski who was alleged of killing him is still at the custody of police in Iyaganku where he is being interrogated while investigations continues

Taiwo had raises some allegation in his post on social media and reported in the media against Mr Seyi but his claims was  debunked by security man working with Pete’s bar and other  eye witnesses who were  at the  scene of the unfortunate incident

Alade Samuel, a guard at the car park  while narrating how the incident happened said “ I was  on duty that day, it was around 8:00 pm when  Damola and another customer were fighting over parking lot, their noise   attracted our boss Mr Seyi and some other people around , and they came to settle the dispute, but Damola was adamant he insisted on fighting the guy, while that was going on the operation burst patrol van came in with some officers and many of people  including Mr Seyi and his friends left the scene for their table.”

“  One of the soldier in  the operation burst  team  asked them to kneel down but Damola refuse to obey him so the soldier who identified Damola called him a trouble maker , and hit him on the head  with the cain  in his hand  and he went down pretending as if he had fainted, they pour water on him , he had earlier  told one of  the  people around to help him call his brothers  and immediately he  heard their voice he stood up and started shouting  , pointing at the soldiers, Taiwo and Damola were the one dragging gun with the soldier, they wanted to take his gun  but the man while  trying to resist their  effort  shut into the air  for about four times to resist them

It was one of the stray bullet that  hit Taiwo and he fell down, many people including customers ran for safety, Damola and his friend went on rampage, they were trying to  cause more trouble leaving their brother lying in his pool of his blood , later they took him and rush him out to where I don’t known , few mins later  they resurface with more than 20 guys  holding  broken bottles  and other weapon, I also ran for cover  till they left the place

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Also two people who claims to be regular customer at pete’s bar and don’t want their name in print   said they can swear by anything that the allegation against the club owner was not only baseless but an attempt to implicate him  and malign his name .

One of them who was a friend to Seyi said he narrowly escaped dead from the guys  who abducted him and trying to take him away to an unknown destination.

“I was at the scene earlier but   when we saw that the security people were on ground, everybody went back to where we were seated earlier including Seyi. After about 10 – 12 minutes, the next thing we start hearing was gunshot, with a loud voice shouting ‘leave me alone’. By the time the gun shots went down, we realized what was going on, these boys were almost 50, they came out attacking almost everybody, I personally was attacked. We were trying to find out what led to that before one of the guys now came and said somebody was hit by the bullet and the boys were shouting that we are the one that called Operation Burst, the whole thing was other way round.

” Along the line, I personally was abducted wanted to be taken away by these boys, he hit me with a bottle on my head, I was beaten up mercilessly, a lot of things were destroyed; along the line I was fortunate I escaped. Along the line, my friends now have to take me to the clinic. I was at the  hospital overnight and when I came back in the morning, the next we saw on the internet was that the owner of the bar took a gun from the soldier and shot him. I was wondering, how is that possible.”

“ It is unfortunate that kehinde is dead, a very painful thing because he was a very nice and cool  guy, he is the one that usually curtailed the excesses of his  twin brother, Damola  and other people around  them , he is a peace loving guy. ’he said

Effort to speak with the club owner who was alleged of murder proof abortive as he was still at police detention as at the time of filing the report

Taiwo’s Allegation… copied on his facebook wall


When will the federal government and the house make laws that will restrict the Military and uniform men from carrying ammunition at civil gatherings. When will our law enforcement agencies stop killing those they are meant to protect?

On Monday 26th of February at exactly 6:45pm, myself( Adeleke Taiwo) Kehinde and some if our friends got to trans to chill after the day’s work. That is how we have been going there since 2016 without causing any trouble in the vicinity. Before now, we have always been seeing men if the operation Burst with Seyi (Fathers Luski) the owner of the Bar. They drink, chat and smoke together on a daily basis. He always use them as a tool of oppression over anyone who question him. At exactly 7:20pm, Kehinde Adeleke, a young, intelligent and friendly young man who just clocked 30 years last month was shot with a gun of one of the men of the operation Burst constituted by the Abiola Ajimobi led government in Oyo state at the Trans Amusement Park around Agbowo.

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It was gathered that, Kehinde who was killed by Father Luski and men of the operation burst sent his immediate younger brother Damola an errand to get him food. On Damola’s return, some guys were arguing with him for parking space and all of a sudden the guy slapped Damola Adeleke. Someone went to call Kehinde Adeleke that his younger brother Damola is being beaten up by some guys. On getting there, Kehinde was trying to inquire what transpired between the duo.

However, during the conversation, Seyi( Father Luski) the owner of the bar appeared with some men of the Operation Burst who even without any question from those involved in an argument asked father Luski what was wrong then father Luski pointed to Damola Adeleke as the trouble maker. Immediately he said that, one of the men of the operation Burst smashed a big stick on Damola’s head who fainted immediately. People rushed to get water and pour it on him. As that was going on, Kehinde was telling Father Luski that he has not done well that he supposed to settle this and not put blame on one person. The argument went on for almost 5minutes before Father Luski became angry and collected riffle hanged on the shoulder from one of his friends (Men of the Operation Burst) then shot Kehinde in the neck which I was there with the owner of the Bar (seyi AKA father luski ), I was the one hold and dragged the owner of the bar (seyi) in to my car that he had killed my immediately twin brother which he could not escaped.When people heard the gun shot, everywhere was scattered . The operation burst now started spraying gun shots around the premises.

The remaining men of the operation burst ran away but when they got to know that The second in command and the owner of the bar that shot kehinde Adeleke which is called Father Luski has been apprehended by Kehinde’s brothers and friends, the operation burst locked the Trans gate and prevented them from taking Kehinde to the hospital for over 30min.

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Tope was the one driving the car where Kehinde was kept. Some men of the operation burst pointed gun to his head that he should open the door for The apprehended culprit to escape.

Immediately when we left there, we took Kehinde Adeleke to UCH, he was rejected, we immediately took him to Eleyele police Hospital at the police headquarters, the Doctors there said he was still alive but they don’t have necessary tools to carry out any surgery on him that we should take him to Molly Hospital at IDI APE. When we discovered that these hospitals are not attending to us, we called our friend and Brother, Babatunde Badmus who then help us took him to Molly Hospital from Eleyele. On getting to Molly hospital, we were told by the doctor who attended to us that they couldn’t feel any pulse again. Then we went to UCH to reaffirm that. On getting to UCH, we saw three patrol vans of operation burst fully loaded with men and ammunition. They blocked the normal entrance then we took the exit so that we can get to the emergency ward. While we were going to Molly hospital, two of our friends who could not follow the car we were carrying took bike and waited for us at the emergency gate of UCH. It was later realized that men of the operation burst arrested these two guys, tortured them and asked them to call us to come out that they want to arrest all of us.( Those guys were not handed over to the police for questioning but we’re brutally tortured overnight by the operation burst in their office around NTA IBADAN. They failed to arrest us because of our number and our peaceful resistance coordinated by Babatunde Badmus who helped us to drive him to all the hospitals. Immediately when we entered the emergency, the colonel in charge of the Operation Burst commanded his men to take positions as if they want to wage war against us. They started corking their guns and pointing it at us. Then Babatunde Badmus went to meet the leader of the team and have a discussion with him on why should his men bring ammunition to the hospital where civilians are being treated? But he had no tangible answer. At the end, we had some videos of the Operation Burst fully armed inside the hospital and how they were ready to kill more people. We all went there without any ammunition. We were only sad because our brother was killed yet, we were being victimized by the law enforcement agencies.

We later took him to the Mortuary with some men of Sango Police station where his body was kept

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