Ekiti Sets for 2019 Ogunonire Festival


The strides of Ekiti State Council for Arts and Culture at globalising Ogun Onire Festival through community participation and official collaboration is yielding a result

JKF -2 Arts and Culture vision of stoking our festivals for productive and purposeful engagement is being appreciated by some towns whose indigenes have seen the necessity of hearkening to the clarion call of Ekiti State Government through the Ekiti Council for Arts and Culture to add value to their festivals.

The people of Ire have not only embraced the new spirit of JKF 2 but have also gone many miles in their efforts to enhance the forthcoming OgunOnire Festival

The Ire Ekiti Community apart from banning the use of cane during the festival has also embarked on the publication of community bulletin to create awareness of the innovations being brought into the celebration of the festival

While addressing a press conference yesterday, Chief Femi Ajayi, Chairman, 2019 OgunOnire festival said, ” we are are going to dazzle the world   This year’s OgunOnire festival will be different. It will be the best ever as we have reorganised and rejigged the order of procession in line with the dictate of time and moment  ”

Chief Ajayi revealed that ” There are many positive innovative modifications which the Committee has brought to bear on the festival. One of these is the fact that procession which was hitherto done with the cane will be done with palm fronds

Ajayi who commended the Governor of Ekiti, Dr Kayode Fayemi for being cultural friendly said that ” We are grateful to Dr Kayode Fayemi for being a special breed of men in power who do not mower down the cultural heritage of his people but who has because of his keen interest in culture created and empowered Ekiti State Council for Arts and Culture and appointed seasoned cultural experts to manage its affairs’

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Chief Ajayi commended the Director-General of the Council, Ambassador Wale Ojo Lanre his resourcefulness, doggedness and agrarian efforts at implementing the cultural vision of Dr Kayode Fayemi

He pointed out that ” Ambassador Ojo Lanre is a God sent a driver for the branding of OgunOnire Festival. He is a wonderful cultural enthusiast and developer. We thank God for his life’

Chief Ajayi called on all lover of Ire, all admirers of the positive festival to visit Ire on Saturday 3 August for a spectacular 2019 Ogunonire Festival.


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