EDITORIAL:   AMVCA 2018 Awards:Best Movie Director Award Needs a Review 



MANY Nigerians did not watch the recently held 6th Edition of Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award (AMVCA) due to many factors beyond their control. Eko Hotels and Suites was the rendenzvous. September 1 was the dateline. Nevertheless, many have watched the repeat broadcast. Alas! Many are indifferent due to the socio-economic personal plagues.
Yet, their heroes and women of substance won in various categories. Like the Oliver Twist, many fans are thirsty for more awards for their idols.

SIGNIFICANTLY, for many followers and film enthusiasts, many are disappointed that Nigeria did not win the Best Movie Director Award category. For us at The GUEST COLUMNISTS, it is a good impression and a challenge that sent a good message that Nigeria is a good host, and the award holds a lot of promises and prospects in the years ahead.

IT is not all about Nigerian films alone that matter here. In fact, we have films that are valid and highly inspiring. What actually matters is the type of films that hold major themes in their narrative and all Africans can relate with in creative directorial concepts.

THERE is something that is highly amenable in the nature of films: the theme. Thus, it is inevitable that films and their messages, like music and messages, have big roles to play in the projection of African values, or Nigerian values. While the VIEWERS decided who won in each category, as the title of the awards denotes, it is imperative that attention needs to be drawn to the fact that there are many good films who could have won had it been it is regional, just like the Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo Africa Magic Awards. But in context of West, East, North and Southern Africa.

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THERE are many factors beyond the voters’ decisions to crown the best film director in Africa. Sadly, such factors were not obvious for all and sundry. Prior to the deadline for the voting, each of the film where the nominees were picked should have been given the privilege to be watched by the audience twice, as prelude to the award ceremony; in order to arrive at logical conclusion. But to watch a sort of trailer is not enough. Many subscribers to DSTV and GOTV did not get to see enough of the films’ details. Besides, not all the films were broadcast on GOTV, if at all they were available on most DSTV stations. Lopsided?

SIGNIFICANTLY, there are reasons our films did not get the Best Movie Director Award. Firstly, most Nigerian movies are becoming more predictable. Where is the place of creativity? What happens to the roles of suspense in film directing? Secondly, the haste with which we turn-out films calls for a re-think. Who needs quantity at the expense of quality? There is need for caution here.

INSIGHTFUL, the fact remains that most of NIGERIAN narratives are limited to our perspectives and realities. What happens to the rest of Africa? From communication and social construction perspectives, the NIGERIAN movies have exhausted the familiar themes. Thus, there is urgent need to feast on the historical, cultural and socio-political themes, to tell our stories better. Yet, the integration of other African actors and actresses are essential. We are in the era of methods, not muscles.

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MANY Nigeria films lack the Theory of Identification in their deconstruction. That’s, the audience want to see themselves in the story! Are you telling the national story or unfolding the public realities?

FILMS are not just films for film’s sake, or art for art’s sake. Rather, there is need to drop the idea of commercialisation of films. Films sell on their own when they are high in values and messages. Every good product sells itself. There is a paradox here.

THOUGH there is a place for the VIEWERS to decide the fate of film(s) that get an award. The submission here resides within the belief that it is not all the time that we need to win. Failure sometimes tells us that you have competitors that are about to sink your ship. Thus, there is need for repositioning.

FOR NIGERIA to host the event successfully was a success attained. We competed. We won some. We led by examples. We are recognized and would always be relevant. However, the Nigerian movie industry, in its arrays of branches, need to explore the unexplored themes. That is where lies the Unique Selling Proposition (USP). That’s where lies the magic wand for exceptional feats.

THE good years are still ahead. Congratulations to the winners and the nominated. You didn’t lose.
You made history!


Written by Adetunji Adetunji Sol



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