COVID-19: Sen. Buhari Expresses Worry Over Measures Taken by Oyo Govt.

Senator Abdulfatai Buhari

Sen. Abdulfatai Buhari ,Lawmaker representing OyoNorth Senatorial districts at the upper chamber of  National Assembly  has expressed  deep concerned  over inadequate measures taken by the Oyo State Government in curtailing the spread of coronavirus(COVID-19) in the state.

The All Progressives Congress APC chieftain r during a radio programme monitored in Ibadan warned the state government against playing politics with COVID-19 at the expense of public health.

Buhari, a two-term Senator who is also  the Chairman, Senate Committee on Land Transport alleged that Gov. Seyi Makinde has not been proactive in curtailing the spread of COVID-19 in the state, describing the measures as too porous.

The lawmaker describing Makinde’s decision not to lockdown the state towards identifying those infected and their contacts as the most dangerous.

“We are in a very dangerous stage, particularly in Oyo. The second stage is the most deadly aspect of coronavirus. That is the where the virus is transfered as the people mingled.

“Unfortunately, we did not lockdown in Oyo. So, anybody infected with the virus believe they can find their way into Oyo and have a free day,” he said.

He stressed the need for the governor to be brutal with the truth and take decisions that would safeguard peoples health.

The lawmaker recalled how the city of Marseille suffered a serious calamity 300 years ago as a result of a bad decision from its leader.

According to him,”300 years ago, the city of Marseille was locked down after it suffered great calamity from a disease brought through a ship. The calamity could have been prevented if the leader has quarantined the whole ship.

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“The leader was not firm in taking the hard decision which allowed the city suffer such fate. If such could happen back then, why are we not taking a firm decision on this pandemic to protect our people.”

Buhari faulted the governors decision to strike a balance between public health and the economy, saying only healthy people can benefit from the economy.

“You need to have sound health before thinking about the economy. If you have the economy and those to benefit from it are not there, what have you achieved. You have alternative to economy not public health,” he said.


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