COVID-19: Fayemi Extends Lockdown by Six Days, Issues New Guidlines

Dawn Commission Lauds Fayemi
Ekiti state Governor Dr Kayode Fayemi

Ekiti State Governor Dr Kayode Fayemi has announced the extension of the lockdown in the state by Six days

The lockdown which is supposed to end today has now been extended to Sunday 3rda May 2020.

The Governor in a state broadcast said
all conditions and exemptions remain in force during the extension.

Reas full text of speech below.

The current lockdown directive which ends today Monday April 27th is hereby extended for another six (6) days until 23:59 hours on Sunday May 3rd 2020. All conditions and exemptions remain in force during the extension.

Dusk–to-Dawn Curfew: There shall now be a 6pm – 6am curfew every day of the week until further notice. No movement of vehicle or human traffic whatsoever allowed except for verified medical emergencies.

Fresh Orders: Starting from Monday May 4th 2020, business activities will resume for only 3 days a week (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays) from the hours of 7am – 4 pm only, to allow the self-employed earn some income to feed their families and not wait solely on Government for palliatives.

Citizens must however observe social distancing, hand washing and wearing of masks at all times.

Businesses must provide liquid soap and running water for hand washing while supermarkets should not have more than 10 persons at any time in their store. Businesses that do not comply will be shut down for 6 months.

Stay-at-home Directive: Starting from Monday May 4th 2020, restriction of movement will be enforced 4 days a week (Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays).

Only essential services including food, medical, beverages, petroleum, banks, agriculture, construction, select media and telecommunications are exempted from the restriction. Violators will be prosecuted and may be fined or imprisoned.

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Ban on Large Gatherings: All large gatherings remain banned. No religious, social, political and educational gathering will be allowed to hold in Ekiti State until the pandemic is brought under control.

Any facility that violates this directive may be shut down for not less than 12 months.

Boundary Lockdown: All travel from and into Ekiti State are hereby banned as all boundaries of Ekiti State will be on lockdown 24 hours daily.

Only food, medical, beverages, petroleum, agriculture and construction supply trucks are exempted but they cannot have more than 3 persons per truck. Any vehicle caught in violation may be forfeited to the state and passengers prosecuted.

Compulsory Face masks: Wearing of face masks is now compulsory in Ekiti State. Everyone must wear a face mask when going out of the home so you don’t spread the virus to others.

Residents are advised to make their own masks while government will provide masks for essential duty workers only. Guidelines on how to make them will be provided. Reusable fabric masks that can be washed after every use is appropriate.

Compulsory Face masks: Face masks will be strictly enforced on the streets so, if you cannot wear a face mask, stay at home as you may be arrested and prosecuted for willfully endangering public health.

Intra city Commercial Transportation: Starting from Monday May 4th 2020, commercial transportation will be allowed to operate on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 7am-4pm only on condition that they comply with strict social distancing directives.

Okadas can only carry one passenger, taxis not more than 3 passengers and tricycles not more than 2 passengers.

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Any driver who violates this directive will be arrested, prosecuted and may forfeit the vehicle or cycle to the government. If mass violation occurs, commercial transportation will be completely banned indefinitely.

Interstate travel is hereby restricted: Visits to or from Ekiti State is prohibited while the pandemic subsists.

Insistent visitors must be prepared to be turned back or kept in our border town quarantine centers for 14 days minimum and shall be responsible for their own upkeep.

Any private or commercial driver caught violating this directive will be arrested and prosecuted and may forfeit the vehicle to Ekiti State.

Major Markets Remain Closed: All major markets, including Oja Oba, Oja Bisi, Shasha and major LGA market days, remain closed every day of the week. Residents are advised to patronize the neighborhood markets or sell their wares from home.

Violators will be arrested, prosecuted and may forfeit their goods to the state government or have their stores shut down for 6 months even after the pandemic is contained.

Public Service Resumption: In line with the directives, only Officers in the following categories may report at their desks on authorized days and scrupulously adhere to the rules of social distancing:
* Level 13 and above
* Officers rendering Essential Services
* Administrative Officers
* Others as required by the Accounting Officers in the MDA


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