ADC Youth Group Petition Nwosu, Others Over Choice of Candidate in Ogbomoso

Concerned Youth of Ogbomoso North, South and Oriire Federal Constituency have petition National Chairman of the African Democratic Congress ADC over selection of candidate for lower chamber of the National Assembly in the constituency
The group  loyal to Prince Kabir Olaoye in a petition signed by over 200 members of the party copy of which is obtained  by National Insight  expresses displeasure over the what they termed as  the unholy activities of the state executives to cause chaos and disaffection in the polity.
” We register our objection and total disapproval of the so-called selection process arriving at the choice of a totally unpopular and unacceptable choice of candidate to represent the Ogbomoso North, Ogbomoso South and Oriire Federal Constituency.”
 According to them. “The preferred choice Prince Kabir Olaoye was not carried along and the agreement of a consensus candidature was not duly followed. We therefore say NO and will also show our displeasure with all resistance we can muster.”
” The process itself was shrouded in secrecy, deliberate neglect of the ideals of the party (ADC) and total disregard for the leaders of the party in the constituency who had worked diligently to populate the party with loyalists and credible aspirants not only to fly the flag of our party at the forth-coming elections but to record victories at the polls.”
” The alleged selection of the candidate to represent Ogbomoso North, Ogbomoso South and Oriire Federal Constituency for the upcoming election into the House of Representatives has since caused avoidable friction and acrimony in the already heated-up polity. We therefore asked for a retraction of the announcement and substitution of the candidature to the preferred choice of the people thus paving way for our party, the ADC, to have a grand performance at the 2019 polls.”
” We state here categorically and unequivocally that we shall resist ALL attempts by the state executives of ADC to foist any unpopular candidate on the region. We all know the more credible candidate of the two aspirants under the banner of ADC and we also know that the aspirant coming from APC didn’t decamp properly from his former party.”
They said further that ” most of us joined the party based on its ideals, especially the fact that the party is all inclusive and we prevailed on our preferred choice to move to ADC from his former party ANRP, which he agreed after several meetings and due consultations with the party leaders of Ogbomoso North, Ogbomoso South and Oriire Federal Constituency. He properly decamped from his former party into ADC along with his over 15,000 strong supporters and loyalist with the hope that the state executives will do the needful by making the selection process transparent and devoid of any malpractices.”
“We are however extremely unhappy that after all said and done, the state executive went ahead with their plan and imposed the said candidates on the constituency leaving us with the bath water.”


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