Accord,Ladoja Felicitate with Christian at Easter


ACCORD Party and Sen Rashidi Ladoja have felicitated with Nigerian Christians and most especially citizens of Oyo State on the Easter celebration.

The Chairman of ACCORD in Oyo State, in a message released on Saturday by the State Publicity Secretary of ACCORD, Engr Akeem Olatunji, also charged Christians to spend the period in sober reflections on the current situation in the country and Oyo State in particular. He wonders why Oyo State blessed with abundant human and material resources, including fertile arable land cannot can not cater for her citizens despite huge federal allocations and internally generated revenue.

Oyo State, one of the most endowed State with vast arable land, cannot feed its population. Oyo State, the ‘Pacesetter’ and a State that has produced many first in Nigeria and Africa is finding it difficult to meet her financial commitments to the Workers, Pensioners, Local Council Staffs and the masses sequel to lack of initiatives and political will to enhance the IGR of the state making the APC led administration in the State to continuously go cap in hand to Federal Government to save her from going under.

The current APC led administration in Oyo State are believed to be committed to a culture of waste, high-headedness and a dogma of ego. How else can we explain a situation whereby government expended several millions of public money to purchase tricycle ambulances at this jet age only to discover that non is seen around. The colossal waste of billions of Naira on Technical University at a time LAUTECH Workers and Lecturers are been owed several months of salary arrears leave much to be desired.

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Furthermore, Oyo State has been without a substantive Auditor General for the past 3 years while the State account is un-audited for the period mentioned.
That the first lady of Oyo State, Mrs Florence Ajimobi, donated N300 Million worth ICT Centre to a privately owned University, Ajayi Crowther University, and deployed all State machineries and government Functionaries to the commissioning program is not only morally wrong but UnGodly as LAUTECH, a University owned by the State couldn’t even boast of such facility.

To ACCORD as the biggest opposition party in Oyo State, we believe charity supposed to start from home.
However, the listed are among other issues Oyo State citizens must reflect on during this Easter festivities.

On his own part, Sen Rashidi Ladoja urged Nigerians to join hand to rebuild the country with religious leaders preaching love and be models in tolerance and forgiveness.

He said: “We must eschew hate speeches and all acts capable of inciting our followers. We must avoid extravagant and flamboyant life in order to teach our followers simplicity and the need to avoid greed and avarice. These are the things we must do to get out of the doldrums.”
On the state of things in Oyo State, ACCORD urged the citizens to be patient with the present administration pending 2019 when the electorates will have chance to give ACCORD the opportunity to set Oyo State on strong economic footing even as the essence of Easter is patience, fortitude and tolerance


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