NASS: Bill on Extension of Immunity to Presiding Officers Passes 2nd Reading


The house of Representatives has passed a bill for second reading, seeking the amendment of the 1999 Constitution to extend immunity to the presiding officers of the National Assembly.

The presiding officers include the president of the Senate, the deputy president of the Senate, the speaker and the deputy speaker of the house of Representatives as well as speaker and deputy speaker of the states Assembly

The sponsor of the Bill Hon. Odebunmi Olusegun explained that the bill is intended to protect the institution of the legislature from the distraction caused by unnecessary legal actions against presiding officers.

Hon .Odebunmi, who is the Chairman house committee on information, said the bill would also empower the presiding officers to do their legislative duties without fear or favour.

He gave the assurance that the bill will not shield them from the power of the Constitution.

The Bill

An Act to Amend Section 308 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria To EXTEND Immunity to cover presiding officers of Legislative Institutions And For Other Matters Connected thereto;
Sponsor: Hon Odebunmi Olusegun.
ENACTED by the National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as follows:

  1. Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 (Herein called the principal Act) is hereby amended as set out below:
  2. Section 308 (3) of the Principal Act is hereby amended to read as follows;
    (3) This section applies to a person holding the office of President or Vice-President, Governor or Deputy Governor, Presiding officers of the Senate, Presiding officers of the House of Representatives, Presiding officers of the State Assemblies; and the reference in this section to “period of office” is a reference to the period during which the person holding such office is required to perform the function of the office.
    This Bill may be cited as the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 (Amended) Bill, 2019.
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This Bill seeks to amend the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999, to extend immunity to the Presiding Officers of the Legislative Arm of government.


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