The inhuman side of Buhari By Bola Olalere

Nigerian President Mohammadu Bhari

When President Buhari was declared the winner of 2015 general elections , I was not really grieved, despite my preference of the former President Jonathan for the job . My consolation was that; Nigerians have now matured politically enough to vote out any government ,they considered not good enough for the nation .


Another thing that consoled me was that the amount of love Nigerians , and especially Nigerian youths showered on the former General , I was expecting that he will reciprocate the love ,by providing effective leadership that will meet the yearnings of Nigerians , most especially the youths , who rejected all PDP overtures and voted for Change.

But sadly , almost three years into the administration ,Nigerians are yet to see the dividend of their love for the General.
The first concern was the long time it took the president in forming his government and more disappointing when he released his minister’s list. It was same old people who ruined Nigeria before (apology to Baba Fela).
While the nation and the international community waited for months for the direction of the new administration ,the nation economy was in the auto pilot without direction and slipped into recession , naira lost more than 500% of its value and the nation groun in absolute poverty.
Nigerians became poorer and national infrastructure collapsed. State and local governments became unable to pay salary , industries were closing down , people were getting frustrated and suicide rates in the county reached the all time highest level but we still stand with Baba.
Apart from his inability to fulfill most of his electoral promises ,his health failed him, for more than 250 days, the president was out of the country on medical vacation. Thanks to prayers from Nigerians and taxpayers money , the president was restored and resumed back for duties .
The president has presented about three national budgets now but the nation is not feeling the impact of the several trillions of naira been expended every year .

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Despite his several promises to fight corruption , President Buhari failed miserably in his fight against corruption. It became fight against opposition .



irrespective of your corruption charges once you port to the ruling APC , your sins are forgiven and a party is organized for your sainthood .

Apart from being unable to fight corruption as promised , corruption became more institutionalized under Buhari administration as several of his aides were involved in a number of monomental corrupt practices running into trillion of naira. Only the former SSG Babachiar Lawal was relieved of his position ,due to a very loud public outcry but he was never prosecuted for his crime.


Recently it was revealed that ghost companies have been lifting Nigeria crude oil for more than 20months in the administration of president Buhari . Not talking about the NNPC billon dollar contract scandal.


When Buhari administration increased the petroleum pump price to 145 naira , there was not a single successfully protest in the country because people were banking on the integrity of the president to keeping his words . Nigerians were told that that was the price to pay for the products to be regularly available . But Nigerians were shocked beyond recovery when in November 2017 the long queue returns to Nigerian petrol stations and the queue is still long till now.
As against the popular promise of APC to create 3 million jobs every year ,Nigerians are losing more than 3 million jobs every year due to this government lack of capacity to managing the nations economy and all they do is shifting the blame to a government they defeated in 2015.
There was a time talking was almost becoming a crime under this administration , once you criticize the government , you will quickly be branded as corrupt and that corruption is fighting back. I think that is not working anymore .

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However ,we will all stand with Buhari till 2019 when his mandate expires but it will be inhuman for the president to seek reelection in 2019 and will be most unfortunate for any Nigerian to be promoting the idea of Buhari beyond 2019 when it is now more than obvious that he lacks the capacity in all ramifications to take Nigeria out of the wood . The president ,himself has confessed severally that he is old and that his old age is limiting his performance. So why should he still seek a reelection when he is older .
Will it not be wiser for President Buhari to disregard all the unholy calls from sycophants around him to seek reelection in 2019 .
Such call should be considered unpatriotic ,selfish and not in the best interest of the nation that Buhari claims to love so much ,it is just in the interest of the cabal and the few jabbers around him.
• And if the president will prove his so called integrity and patriotism he should peacefully retire to his Daura farm after his mandate in 2019 and all his inefficiencies will be forgotten and Nigerians will accept his sincere intention to lead Nigeria to the promise land and agree with him that it was his old age that limited his performance and he will remain an hero for ever that he is to his supporters .


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