Erelu Rotiba Task Nigerians on Cultural Promotion

Erelu Funmi Rotiba

Erelu Asa of Nigeria, Duchess Funmi Rotiba has called for conscious efforts by the custodians of culture and tradition and stakeholders to continue to promote our Cultural heritage and prevent it from going into extinction.

Erelu  in her message to Nigerians on the 2018 World Cultural Day said  every tribe in Nigeria is endowed with rich and  unique culture and there is need to protect it and prevent  undue influence of foreign culture from overriding it.

‘Our culture is our identity, we should not loose it, we should be proud of it she said “.

“Culture promotes morals and this helps in building a healthy society, we should not only teach the younger ones but also demonstrate and live by example ”

She  urge people not to limit showcasing of our cultural heritage to wearing natives dress alone on occasions  and special days  but to explore all avenue to showcase it to the beauty of  our culture to the  world .

The cultural icon while commending the traditional rulers in Yoruba land and other custodians of culture and tradition for upholding and promoting the culture and tradition of the race  promised  to  partner  with any organization established on the basis of promoting culture and tradition”


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