25yrs Old Housewife, Kill, Burry For Money Ritual In Igboora


A 25 years old house wife, Bosede Oguntade, meet her untimely death, when she was strangulated to death and her head and arm were cut off by a prophet know as ‘Arole Jesu’ in Igbo-Ora, area of Oyo State.

Penpushing reports that the Commissioner of Police in Oyo State, Shina Olukolu who led a team of police men from the state command headquarters to the location where the victim was buried, noted that late Mrs Bosede Oguntade, a 25yrs house wife from Ilorin in Kwara State was lured to Igboora in Oyo State with a view in finding solution to her social /economic/marital problem by a spiritualist, known as Dotun Ogunlade a.k.a  Woli Arole Jesu, whom she meet on facebook.

The police boss said that on the arrival of the woman at Igboora, the woman was drugged under the pretext of solving the problem of fatigue occasioned by the stress of the woman trip to Igboora where she was allegedly injected with an overdose of sleeping drop and subsequently over powered, strangulated and killed, and later, her head and arm were thereafter severed and the remainder of the corpse was buried in a shallow grave at Ogboja Area of Igbo-Ora.

Olukolu added that based on credible information and diligent investigation, the police in Igbo-Ora were able to smashed and arrested the syndicate.

“Further investigation revealed that the severed parts were allegedly crushed into powder for rituals to become powerful and rich, two knive used to killed and severed the body part of the victim, a white cloth bag containing sustance inside a gourd where the alleged powered from the severed parts is kept and a bottle of Stallion Schnapps were also recovered.”

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Meanwhile, investigation is still ongoing to further unravel the misery and the motive for this heinous crime.

Olukolu however said that people should continue to collaborate with the police by giving timely and useful information to enable them to serve the community better.

“The police will continue of the resolute determination to staped out crimes and criminality in the society, members of the public should be careful absolutely trusting individuals or groups who are entirely strangers they meet on social media particularly those who claimed to posses the power of clairvoyance or ability to combat and treat successfully terminal diseases or possessed solutions to social and marital challenges.

The alleged ritualist, while talking to journalists in Igbo-Ora said that ‘My name is Oludotun Ogunlade a.k.a Arole Jesu, i gained the church experience from my former boss who happened to be a prophet in a Cherubim and Seraphim church, i later settled down with my own church after the death of my grand pa.

Me and the woman have been charting on facebook since January of this year, i later told him to come and paid me a visit here which she later agreed

“Mutiu has already told me about the challenges he was having concerning his work, and he said he can go in any lensubstanceetting a quick money, although i have been doing something like this for him before, but he said he need something that will bring the money quicker this time around.”

“The woman later came in the night from Ilorin to Iseyin where i went to picked her to Igbo-Ora, i gave the woman a sedactive injection on 31st of May, after she complained about pains in her body, she slept off and i cut off her head, her head was later burnt to ashes which


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