How 22 year old student was killed by herdsmen in Ikoyi

The deceased, Olusegun Oladapo
Parent of the deceased

A 22 year old boy Olusegun Oladapo was last Tuesday killed in Alata village , ikoyi local government area of Oyo state by a Fulani herdsman

Segun  was said to have earlier been attacked by the suspected killer some months before he was eventually killed

The mother of the deceased Oladapo Rachel  who narrated the incident to our reporter said ‘ The Fulani boy had earlier made an attempt on the life of  one of the deceased siblings  in the farm but for intervention of people including myself he did not succeed though he injured him and we reported at the station”

“The Fulani boy in his rage during the fight said their fathers had met and told them to be killing everybody who challenged them in any farm whenever they to their cow for grazing and we told them at Ikoyi police station where we reported the case” she alleges

“ We went to their house with the police but nobody was found their but later that day they came to our house with the police to apologize and we demanded the he paid hospital and medical bills which they did then

The father of the deceased Chief Oladapo Ademola in a chat with our reporter explains that ‘ I was not around when the incident happened I was in ogbomoso and I was told that  the boy went to the farm to transplant tomatoes later I  was called by somebody from the village that my boy had been stabbed by the same Fulani boy, I rushed down and  when I get to the farm I met him dead, I told my wife to go and report at the station, the police came they went to carry the corpse and I asked them if the investigate the incident and if they visited the camp of the Fulani but they  said they did not”

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“That night they requested for 30,000 but my people could only raise N8, 000 for them that evening, the following morning they demanded for about N50.000 for doctors report and other things but I told them that I do not have money, I took the boy ID card and show the DPO and he said it is not necessary and the following day we came to were brought to Iyaganku in Ibadan”

The seriki of Alata said the Fulani had earlier told them that whenever they met anybody from Seriki Oloye in the farm they will kill them but the police and their parent said they won’t do such”

Speaking about the deceased , Seriki said “ The boy is my favourite, he is the only one that further his education beyond secondary school among my children, he Is focus and hardworking, his death is painful it’s too bitter to swallow.

He said further that the suspect was identified by his cap and one of his cloth which he found in the farm and those are part of the evidence which I took to Ibadan to back up my allegation and the suspect has since been arrested

Gurumo, leader of Fulani in the area when contacted said he was aware and plead for patience and amicable settlement “ We have to be patient and settle this matter amicably, we don’t like wahala If we go to court  and if we don’t go case it will end  so why don’t we just talk peacefully among ourselves”

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He explains that 3 of his sons were killed in 2016 within 3 months by Yoruba people in the farm, my son was shot at Oloka 3 another one was killed in Oloro, within the same month, and few months later another one was killed, I did not sue anybody and nobody came to apologies”

He also lamented the spate of attack on Fulani camps by indigenous people in the community

When contacted Onikoyi of Ikoyi Oba Abdulyekeen Ayinla Oladipupo 1V lamented the have wreak by the Fulani herdsmen in the area

He also said that the community have reported guruma who his the head of Fulani to the area commandant office in Ogbomoso and the governor’s office in Ibadan

When contacted the Divisional police officer in charge of the station directed our reporter to the Police Public Relations Officers office in Ibadan for further investigation.


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