Why we shut down Kajola Local Government – Okeho Youths.

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Okeho Youths Association has explained that they shut down activities at the council secretariat because of what they considered as injustice in the delineation of wards released by the caretaker chairman of Kajola Local Government,Hon.Babs Olawoyin Moses

Th youth in a presa statement said they felt dissappointed ,betrayed and considered by the proposal submitted by the council chairman at the local government service commission

” It as an act of injustice of highest order.This made us to shut down governmental activities on thursday 22-02-2018 and friday 23-02-2018 and is likely to continue until the abnomalties is corrected’

They also said the decision to stage a peaceful protest was taken to avert a reoccurence of Ife- Modakeke war and to send a signal of the impensing danger if the error is not corrected


“In conclusion, we outrightly demand for the revision and reversion of our ten(10) wards which was hitherto agreed upon on 29-12-2016 and 08-08-2017 by well meaning stakeholders .”

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