We”ll Get Justice for Our Daughter, Says Anita Akapson’s Family

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Family of the late Anita Akapso has express their willingness to go to any length to get justice for our daughter who was killed by police on saturday in Katampe District, Abuja.

They also demanded for an independent prosecutor to handle the prosecution of the officer involved in killing of the 31year old daughter of the former minister of finance Mrs Nnenandi Usman.

“late Anita Akapson was murdered sitting inside her car! Yes! She was shot through the driver’s side door of the car with the bullet passing through her abdomen, after the killer policemen had shot one of her tyres.” says the family

Briefing the press on behalf of the family Barrister Kayode Ajulo appreciated the Inspector General of Police for detention and investigation of the officers involved in the killing of Ms. Anita Akapson, they also demanded to know the identity of the officers.

“For a transparent judicial process, the police authorities ought to make the identities of the policemen known so as to avoid a situation where they will ‘miraculously’ escape from detention. ”

“History has shown that the Police can go to any length to protect their own, and this may not be different because till date, nothing substantial has been done in the prosecution of the officer that killed Ms. Linda Angela Igwetu, the NYSC member that was killed in July this year.”

“It is important that we do not obscure the heinous crime by putting to fore that the deceased is a daughter of Mrs. Nenadi Usman, former Minister of Finance, rather, the spotlight should be centered on the fact that it has become a near-norm by those paid to protect Nigerians to kill them at the slightest opportunity. This is tragic and also frightening.”

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“What this means is that we are all not safe because officers of the Nigerian police can murder any one of us, our relatives and friends at the slightest pretext that there was an altercation even when there was none as in the case of Ms. Anita Akapson.

While calling for urgent action on the matter that family said “We demand of the IGP to ensure that this matter is dealt with expeditiously as any attempt to pervert the course of justice will be vigorously resisted.”

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