Wale Ojo Lanre holds surprise birthday party for his mother @ 75

Madap Mopelola Aduke Fowowe
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Quintessential journalist , international tourism promoter and Tourism Editor of Nigerian Tribune Newspaper, Comrade Wale Ojo Lanre and his siblings on Sunday 12th August organized a befitting birthday ceremony for Yeye Mopelola Aduke Fowowe who turn 75


The party which was held at Ojo Lanre’s house in Ashipa  Ibadan was a surprise package to the celebrant who ran into the hands of waiting guests and family members that had gathered to celebrate her


Mama Mopelola Fowowe , was stunned when she saw the quality guests joining her  children, grand children and great grand children  welcoming her with a beautiful  birthday song, which she later dances too.


Her first utterances were prayers for the organizers and the guest, “ I was dumbfounded with this beautiful arrangement, “I only told my children its my birthday , I don’t know Wale and his siblings are already plotting a coup  to celebrate  me, It’s a happy day and happiness will not depart from your live”.


In her brief remark, Mama Fowowe, said “ rearing children to make them great requires  tolerance, perseverance and hard work, every good mother must do everything to ensure her children grows up to become great in life, , don’t mind the storm in your marriage or the one poses by impecunious situation , keep forging and fighting one  till you have your goal achieved”


“ Challenges are bound to show, but you don’t allow them to overwhelm your goal and determination to take your children to higher level, I engage in all sort of work to fend for my children and make sure they have quality education and thank God I did not regret my action, I didn’t labour in vain’

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“ My children believe I was a tough person, but I am not, I am frank, my toughness is for their benefits, if I had been  handling them with lesser style, they may not be where they are today and I don’t limit it to my children, alone, I see every young person around me and my children as mine, so I give equal treatment and today I am enjoying it’


She however counsel women to ignore wasteful expenditures on materials things but take the growth of their children as priority , be firm spiritually and  always pray for the children.


The chief host Wale Ojo Lanre, who pay a glowing tribute to her mum at 75 said “ my mother is wicked, but her wickedness is good for us , it  has brought us this far,   “ While growing up, our experience, training and the lessons we learnt from her is helping us today, she doesn’t joke with our education, and appearance in public, she gave us the best  of everything,


“Mum  really suffered so many things for our shake, she labour hard to make sure we grow to become great and she always pray for us, she doesn’t spare us spanking and punishment when we are wrong but she wouldn’t deny us anything that we desire for a healthy growth, even when we think we are old enough to stand on our own  is still there for us doing everything to make sure we are better that were we are. We pray that God in his infinite mercy will continue to bless her and give us the grace to do more for her’

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He ended his short speech with “ Nico Mbarga’s  Sweet mother’s melody and  everybody dances.


Special prayers was offered for the celebrants  and her family.


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