Open letter to The Vice Chancellor Ladoke Akintola University of Technology

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Dear Vice chancellor,

Like most students, i have always admired you even before we took picture recently together with Governor Ajimobi. From the very first day i saw and heard you speak, especially during Akintola’s remembrance at 750lth, which captured the presence of Ajimobi and Alao akala, i have since then even until now reserved for you good judgements contrary to the very bad ones spreading like wildfire. As much i would have love to sound obscene in this piece of mine, i chose to maintain some decorum instead, as this is very much required at this point in time.
I really wish you don’t get this letter since is coming from that naughty boy popularly known as ” Lautech mouthpiece “, but on a second thought, i really hope you do because of the numerous pleas am going to make on behalf of the indigents and entire Ladokites. But will try to be clear and concise.
Sir, we all got the memo passed to all the students and parents informing about the possible loss of studentship if failure occur within the stipulated date, 17th of march 2017, and being the first of its kind ever since the establishment of the institution, one may wonder at which length defaulters may miss the already looming harmattan semester examinations.
Permit me to say before i continue that l’m writing this letter with an heavy tears on my face inside 750 LTH in a night class. The tears is not because of the fear of the forthcoming examination neither because of it marathon, but because of the less privileged amidst the students especially those in 500 level who are yet to pay their school fees and perhaps, may not be allowed to sit for the exams. This impression is heart aching and traumatizing even before its execution, and if not reverse, may perhaps wells up suicidal tendency or apparently jeopardize ones academic career. Besides, the automatic extra year during the 9 months strike still fresh on memory and yet to be recovered from, so it becomes more injurious if allowed to be poisoned again.
You and I know Sir that LAUTECH is a very gruesome place to be but I realize its not all your fault. I realize quite doubtably too, that you’re doing everything within your power to make this place a little less frustrating and to keep the system running at all means. It would be ungrateful of me if I don’t commend you for all these and more.
I am not against the fact that students must pay their school fees. In Fact, i concur by all standard since the school need to be keep running, and i don’t think there could be any justifiable excuse for the students not to pay their tuition fee. But there is a reasonable amount of students who are yet to pay because they are victims of some real circumstances beyond their control.
It would be pointless to start reminding you Sir of the grueling economic terrain in this country even though it is students who have a first hand experience of its injustices. I plead to you sir, that we should be given a little grace; help us tell the lecturers to allow every one write the exams. This is only the first semester and second semester is not so far off. This law can be enacted then but we would have been given ample time to come up with the school fees.

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I understand quite honestly too that even then, some students won’t still come up with the school fees but by then you must have sated your conscience and that of every other well meaningful Nigerian students. The alien closure of portal in 2012 denied a lot of students the opportunity to sit for exams which later gave them an automatic extra year. Our little research on that confirms that about 30% of students were victims with large number of students coming from Agric faculty. These people are still nursing the pain and have no choice than to repay for the semester, if not a session.
I therefore beseech you sir to kindly show us your benevolent heart. It would be too costly to allow them been faced by another extra year. Kindly assist on the rescue mission before things get out of hand sir.
I revere you a lot Sir and I would further tell every one who cares to listen how good a man you are if you give an ear to my pleas.


Yours faithfully,

Oyedeji Ahmed
Agronomy department


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