Omisore Disowns Faceless Protesters

Senator Dr. Chris Iyiola Omisore. Ph.D
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The gubernatorial candidate of the Social Democratic party SDP senator Iyiola Omisore has disowned a group of faceless protesters purportedly protesting on his behalf in Abuja


Senator Omisore in a statement made available by Idowu Afolami stated that the protest was the handwork of his political detractors.

Senator Omisore who was in his country home in Ile Ife while the faceless protest trending on social media was going on wondered why some people love to take panadol over the headache of another man
“How can some save my head in my absence what’s the problem with those jobless and lazy hired thugs disturbing people’s peace”.


He urged the law enforcement agencies to deal ruthlessly with the miscreants and charge them to court whenever they resurface again.


He pointed out that at no time did he authorise any group to stage any form of protest on his behalf wondering how the protesters came about the information they’re protesting against.


He described those behind the protesting miscreants as political jobbers who are determined to throw spanner in the smooth relationship between SDP and APC.


” they’re aggrieved and saddened at the level of the cordial relationship between us and some our political friends and have vowed to cause misgivings between us hence their latest shenanigans “.

Senator Omisore admonished the protesters and their sponsors to settle down and face the criminal case of examination malpractices their principal is currently facing instead of wasting their spent energy on how to pull him down.

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” Knowing fully well that they have a bad case in the tribunal they’re now looking for who will go down with them politically”.
He therefore called on his supporters to disregard the protesters as he never sent anybody to protest for him.


“Those dregs of the society parading themselves as my supporters are not known to me I therefore wonder where they got the information they are bandied around from”.

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