Increase Police Salary to N250. 000 ,MarahajJi Tells Buhari

SatGuru Marahaj Ji
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Founder of One Love Family, Sat Guru MarahajJi has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to use the Executive order to increase the budget of Police by 200 percent

He also called for increase in minimum salary for an officer to N250.000 and that of military to N300,000. per month.
saying that it will enhance efficiency and stop them from taking bribe.

The perfect Living master also appeal to the president to increase the minimu wage of civil servant to N66,000 per month.

Marahaj Ji in a public notice iussed in Ibadan said the president should Institute Judicial Commission of Inquiry on the Ownership of all Airlines, Private Airlines and Jets and how they were established,and procured

Also Private Ownership of or sale of some parts of The Nigeria Ports Authority and published the name of Nigerians who pleaded for pardon for stealing from the country’s treasury.

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