‘He Intends to Use me For Rituals ‘, Wife Tells Court

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A Scrabble seller, Mr.Akinbile Okanlawon has dragged his wife Mrs Rukayat Akinbile, to Grade C Customary Court Iletuntun Mapo in Ibadan for an alleged  false accusation.
The husband  who prayed the court to dissolved their Eighteen year old marriage told the court that he was no longer interested in the marriage because of his wife’s deception and non- trustworthiness
According to him, his wife would  leave home without returning on time and if he asked  her she would  give him  ungenuine excuses
 “She told me that her Pastor told her that we should not sleep at home for some spiritual reason which I agreed with her, she went and sleep in her mother’s and I sleep else where. My wife didn’t come back after some weeks”he told the court
In her  defense,Rukayat said that ‎her husband wanted  to use her for money ritual and he didn’t take good care of their  children and herself  
According to her,  she said her husband used black soap to clean his private part before making  love with her and ever since she observed that he wanted to use her for money rituals
Rukayats  also told the court that her husband had bought her a ring ‎on birthday ,she said she refused to use the ring has her husband kept pestering her to use it  she later used the ring to her greatest surprise the ring disappeared and was later removed from her body through spiritual means.
” I deliberately told my husband that some Pastors told me that we should not sleep at home because I know his intention is to  use me for rituals ” she said
‎”I want the court to go ahead and grant my husand’s request . I am glad that he is seeking a dissolution of  marriage because I can’t tolerate him anymore
‎In his ruling the court President, Mr  Henry Agbaje gave an order that the childern should be in the custody of their  mother while the father would,through the court pay a monthly allowance of Ten thousand Naira ( N10,000)  to them
Thereafter, Agbaje  dissolved the marriage
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