Governor Ajimobi Has Not Anointed Me As His Successor- Eniade

Soji Eniade
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Mr. Soji Eniade, MNI is the immediate past Head of Service in Oyo State, he is currently the Executive Assistant to Senator Abiola Ajimobi on Admnistration, in this interview with Remi Oladoye, Eniade confirm his aspiration to succeed Ajimobi as the next governor of Oyo state and unveiled his plan for the citizens


You have signifies interest in succeeding Governor Ajimobi as the executive governor of Oyo state in , 2019, having work  with him for about seven years what would you do differently if eventually you are lucky to be his successor

Well, my first assignment that I have already  made up my mind about is to build on the existing development programs of Governor Ajimobi, we have a good model in Lagos state , Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu did it for 8 years, Fashola did it for 8 years, Ambode is on it now, policy consistency, unbroken development trend, that is my vision,  yes  the polices will be reviewed but the skeleton  is there already so  the platform already established and  by governor Ajimobi, will be built on , more focus will  be  on the areas of   youth engagements. The acronym of my electioneering campaign so to be is SWIFT, S for social and infrastructural facilities, W, for Women and Children I for infrastructure, F for Future, that is the Youth and T, is Technology and Continuity, all this thing we are going to harness together and make Oyo state great but Ajimobi has laid the foundation and that is what we are going to build on.

You declared in  APC which you formally joined few months ago and prior to your coming into the party, some people are already aspiring for the same position you are yearning for , do you think you stand the chance of defeating other aspirants

It’s a game those people that have come out are good candidates too, they are brilliant minds too, but there is nothing  stopping me from joining the race, I have a constitutional permission, I have the maturity, experience and exposure, to participate in the game  and its not a matter of do or die, I always say it whoever  comes out to emerge as the party flag bearer  I am going to support him, I just want to seize this opportunity to say that if i should emerge as a flag bearer of this party i should be supported

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Your party APC is having some internal crisis now, do you think that won’t affect the chances of the party in 2019

Politics is about conflicts management, if there is no conflicts then there is no need for politics, so what is happening in APC today is more or less an in house conflict that is politically resolved and I don’t see it affecting year 2019 election so before  the end of third quarter of the year normalcy would have  return and preparation for 2019 election would have been at a very top gear in the party so there is no cause for alarm

There is a rumour going around that governor Ajimobi has anointed you as a candidate for the party

The governor has not anointed me, he has only identified me as one of the good materials that can take over from him, like I said there are other good chaps around too, and whoever  emerge as a party flag bearer will be supported.  so i am not the anointed but I have been identified  as one of those that could be handed the baton over to and to continue with the development program in Oyo state.



 What do you think this administration has not handled well that you think you have to do better when you became the governor

The present administration has creditable., brilliantly, successfully operated and managed the state within available resources and that has been the major challenges for governor Ajimobi   were the finaces of the state had been like that of Lagos state, you would have seen wonders  in Oyo state also the areas that are yet to be given the given enough attention will be attended to and I pray too that during my own time we have sufficient fund .

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