End of Your Ordeal in Sight, Omisore Tells Osun Workers

Senator Dr. Chris Iyiola Omisore. Ph.D
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As workers nationwide celebrates this year’s workers day, Senator Iyiola Omisore has urged Osun State Workers to continue to persevere as the end of their travails under the current administration in the state is already in sight.

Senator Omisore while felicitating with workers on the celebration of Worker’s Day made the statement made available by Idowu Afolami.

Senator Omisore described Osun state as one of the best in the country adding that despite the pittance they’re getting in return for their services they still excel in their efforts to make the state great, their level of productivity is second to none.
He pointed out that he fully identified with these workers during the undeserved pains the current administration in the state is making them to pass through.


He assured the workers that the regime of half salaries popular known as “Afusa” and other agonies they’re presently suffering now will soon become history.

“As the Lord told Moses at the bank of Red Sea that the Israelites would see no more Pharaoh and his chariots a promise which came to pass, so shall Osun State workers shall no more feel their present pains after the coming election”


He stated further that it’s painful that workers who are one of the bedrocks of the state economy are this shabbily treated by a government that promised them so much during it’s electioneering campaign.
“Since the inception of the current administration workers in Osun have been treated with unprecedented disdain and disrespect, the situation of pensioners in the state is another sorry case”.

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He however assured these workers that there’s light after a dark tunnel adding that the issues of outstanding salaries, promotions, and pensions would be addressed God’s willing if elected in the coming election.

” God used some of us to put smiles in the faces of the workers of the state in the past, am very sure He will still use us at this trying period of the working class.
“We’ve done it in the past without job lost it’s a familiar turf therefore not a difficult task to accomplish” he stated

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