Ekiti 2018: As We Go To Poll

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In couple of days, the people of Ekiti state will exercise their civic responsibility of electing another governor that will steer the affairs of the state for the next four years as the tenure of the incumbent Governor Ayo Fayose is winding up.

The decision to vote is something that should be done with sincerity of purpose because it is about the development and future of Ekiti, so whoever is voting on Saturday should not vote based on what he/she gets in term of pecuniary benefits before the election or on the election day but base on the conviction and genuine passion and  need for  the growth of Ekiti .

Good governance is all about development, its all about the people, its all about allowing the public institution to function effectively for social and economic development of the state so that everybody including those in the private sector will positively feel the impact of the government.

No doubt all those who have governed the state since creation had contributed in one way or the growth of the state but their efforts need to be complemented with good governance, genuine intention to govern, a government that will not politicize development but do things based on the need of the people and not personal gains as it has been in the past is urgently needed.

 The people should know that the bread, fowl, rice and salt or stipends and other things distributed at political rallies, campaigns or election day will not solve the problem of unemployment, it will not bring the much desired progress to the state,  but rather deprived people of the self esteem and the courage to challenged the government when it is not doing the right thing.

Ekiti state is predominantly dominated by farmers and civil servants, the  civil servants are not enjoying their remuneration as and when due and farmers are not been encourage with necessary facilities that can enhance productivity,  the farmers are not being encouraged to produce enough materials that will attracts industry and investors in the state , all this need to be addressed with our votes.
Our hospitals, schools need to be equipped with modern facilities and materials, water should be running on our pipes and, the roads to our communities and farm needs to be tarred, it is possible  if we vote a governor that will  be conscious of the need of the people and not  wasting resources on  investments that will not bring positive result or direct impact on the lives of people .

 Let us not vote base on  party sentiment , but let us consider the antecedents of  those who are aspiring to lead our beloved state, let us check their manifestoes and programs, let us ask question when they or their agents comes to us to seek our mandate, remember any mistake now cannot be corrected until the next four years so therefore do  make any mistake that will make you to regrets your decision.

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 There is need for a clear departure from the statusquo, there is need to challenge the current trends and change in status from the fountain of knowledge state to palm wine and  ogogoro drinkers., there is need to make use of the potentials in the youths to develop the state,  they need to be encouraged and supported to  initiates and develop ideas that will enhance growth of the state .Ekiti people at home and in the diaspora are willing to have a state of their dream, it is possible, it can be real if we all rejects their stipends  bread, Rice,  fowl, cars and Okada, do the needful at the poll.

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