Eye specialist caution against using herbs for sight problems


An eye specialists,  Dr Pedro Usimoifo  has  caution against  application of herbs or any imperatives drugs  to cure any form of eye diseases.

Dr Usimoifo while speaking with nationalinsightnews.com  in his office recently said applying herbs or an unprescribed drugs by a professional optamologist  may further complicate the problems or result to loss of sight.

According to him, it is important to do periodic checkup of eyes  at least once in six months for those who don’t have problems and   once in two months for those who have, this will enable them to know their status and what preventive measure to take

The university of Benin trained ophthalmologist who disclosed that hereditary and  non hereditary visual crisis can be corrected if early detected also said most of the problems associated with eyes can be corrected through the lense

“ Eyes is the most important part of the body and many people do not take it serious and that is why they care less about  eyes so far they are able to see  but by the time the problems get complicated may be at an older age , it may not be corrected  and some with terrible cases lost their sight”