Esokogbe: A Small but mysterious stone which requires more than strength to lift

stones, not Esokogbe

Esokogbe is a stone which ordinarily a weightlifter can just carry without any stress, but beyond the size and the shape of the stone lies a mysterious power that may defies the power of   Russian’s Alexey Lochev  the World Weightlifting Champion as It  can only be carried unconsciously  by  someone who stumbled on it without knowing its true value.

The description of the stones gave an insight that it may not weight more than 70kg  and it was regarded by the people as  a symbol of responsibility which the ancient people including Anuta a great hunter who lived the community cannot joke with when it comes to matter of adulthood and  building strength for effective running of a home in those days.

Not many people known about Esokogbe, even some residents and indigenes of the community are not aware of existence of such  mysterious stones in their community, it was not made open by its custodians because of fear that it may be stolen  in fact there have been attempt by some miscreants who specializes in selling  cultural heritage to foreigners  to steal  it but the mysterious stone keep changing location and resisted determined attempt to carry it

Chief Gabriel Olabode Benson, the Odofin of Annuta quarters in  Ipole Iloro Ekiti  who explained the mystery behind the stones said , it has been in existence for more than 250 years,  according to him “  In those days, the stone is use to determined adulthood , only a matured mind that  can maintain a home can carry it, we don’t know why but  all that we know is that  it cannot just be lifted by anybody anyhow,

It was said to have been used in the days of Onuta, a great hunter and settlers in Ipole Iloro, after his demise, it was abandoned and nobody take cognizance of it  because they don’t know the value but  some decades ago it was rediscovered and  a structure was   erected to cover it “.


The busy path prevented us from getting to the site but the chief odofin  promised to clear the busy path and  do everything to further prevent the stone  from being stolen by   the thieves who have made attempt in the past