LAUTECH: Oyo and Osun State Government Should Throw Away the Ego and Accept Defeat by By Oyedeji Ahmed (LMP )


I keep asking myself, what next after Audit ? Will they also come up with another thing? Probably a head count to know whether there’s a ghost worker amidst the union members or will also carry out a student-audit to fish out and penalize those who have been hitting them hard. Incase that would happen, then I should be the first on the list. Smiles. However, Government ought to have known that audit is not suppose to have kept the students out of school. So, the earlier the better they do the needful before they finally get consumed. Anything less may only call for public disgrace.

Unarguably, the word “soon” has become the usual slogan on campus that no one would want to believe on resumption. This is as a result of thoughtlessness and hopelessness on the part of those who hold sway at helms of affairs in both states. But as the case may be now, the governments have no choice than to make LAUTECH reopen on or before early September. Why ? Because failure to do so may perhaps affect the accreditation of some courses in the school. And aside that, the hope for service mobilization for the present 500 level students by February may not be possible. The school can’t just allow this to happen.

The ray of Hope beckons as the Governing council set to meet again on 25th of August at Lagos. Our hope is that the meeting will make a progressive headway with the effort being put in place in the last meeting. In that meeting, the issue of funding was central to discussion and the position of the unions were highly highlighted. The house committee is however expected to relay the resolution of the meeting to the visitors and get back with their report on Friday.

The idea of raising endowment fund amongst others were also discussed to give the school a balance and be free from underfunding. This will tackle the issue of poor funding and to prevent another strike.

After Friday’s meeting, the Governing council will therefore proceed meeting with the Unions if Government is able to do the needful by releasing funds. For without money, none of the unions may be ready to meet with the council let alone calling for congress.

Anyway, I don’t expect the two Governors to fumble since they’ve been able to achieve their aim on audit. There should be no room for excuse again that we are incapacitated or our governments lack funds.

While we look forward to the next council meeting, we urge every one to keep praying for a total restoration. May LAUTECH rise again !

LMP writes
23rd of August, 2017